Why? Overcomers inspire us.

From spirited elders to survivors, we've learned that health is not just the 'absence of disease' but also 'the presence of physical, psychological, and social well-being.'


We love helping, and want to do it better

Our CEO, Minda Aguhob, carried water and supplies to her fellow New Yorkers (80+ flights of stairs daily!) to elders, disabled and other vulnerable folks. At a Queens high-rise, Minda was horrified to hear about an elderly man who died alone during the hurricane - and his family had simply not known his situation was dire, despite communicating with him.

She created Vytality so we can help our families better, and be more thoroughly informed during emergencies and disaster - especially for those often left behind, like our elders and patients.

Minda & Allan, whose friendship as NYC neighbors inspired Peakfoqus

We love listening to, and caring, for each other

Allan's and Minda's friendship is what we hope to create everywhere:

"...How you and I chatted late into the night about our adventures from the day and week. How you saw the world as an artist, and sharing our work. That chat when you explained happiness to me - to stay curious, to love, to take things as they come."

-Minda, in memory of Allan (who passed in December 2016) and their warm friendship on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYC.

More, in her words:

"So I started Vytality because of a traumatic brain injury I had, cycling upstate New York in 2011. It was awful. And not just because of the physical accident. My boyfriend at the time had broken up with me in the emergency room. My family had gone home.

And, I lived alone.

"Allan, my 92 year old neighbor was my dear friend, a fellow artist and innovative thinker. He offered me his old cane when he saw I could barely walk. He held my hand when I cried bc I couldn't take staying inside anymore. And, he checked in regularly because I was in danger of getting seizures, and was terrified of being disabled the rest of my life.

"Later on, Allan fell in our building. I was excited to help. I checked in with him daily, and did much needed tasks for him as he was seriously hurt. And, I was heartbroken when his family, scared for his health, had to bring him home to New Jersey. I know how much he needed this, and how it would tear at his heart. He loved Manhattan.

We stayed in touch. And it was tough when he passed away. I'm making Vytality because of what I learned - we really need each other for better health."

We care about the caregiver

Recently, Minda talked with fellow Feminine Generation co-host Cosette "Coco" Leary about what it's like to be a family caregiver. (January 12, 2018)

The World Health Organization says:

Health is not just the 'absence of disease' but also 'the presence of physical, psychological, and social well-being.'